Just Believe… In His Favour

Just Believe… In His Favour

Written on 02/04/2021
Leon Fontaine

Then he touched their eyes and said, “Because of your faith, it will happen.” Matthew 9:29 (NLT)

When people are going through a struggle in their lives, they often say that they’re fighting the devil. But is this really effective?

I’m not saying that you should ignore the devil’s tactics. Ephesians 6:11 teaches us to put on all of God’s armour so that we can stand firm against all of Satan’s strategies. However, there’s a big difference between being focused on God’s armour—learning key truths from God’s Word so you can walk in all you’ve been empowered to be—and being focused on fighting the devil.

One of the most effective tactics an army can employ is to get their enemies to waste time and resources attacking them where it doesn’t hurt. In World War II, Allied forces used fake tanks to mask their true movements in hopes that the enemy would waste their ammunition, deploying their forces where they wouldn’t make a difference. In a similar way, Satan would love for you to spend all your time and effort fighting him, because it’s of no effect.

He’d also love for you to spend all your time and effort trying to fight whatever is coming against you. For example, if you have cancer, you may think that your fight is with cancer. It’s not! Do all you can to get healthy physically and emotionally, but spiritually speaking, your fight is to become fully convinced of God’s favour on your life and of His promises!

Because of Jesus, you already have all the favour God can give. Start believing it and watch your life change. Belief that Jesus qualified you to receive God’s favour is one of the most important keys to a great life.