Written on 02/13/2021
Leon Fontaine

I hate those who are double-minded, but I love and treasure Your law. Psalm 119:113 (AMP)

What are you all-in for? The trouble with many people is that they won’t commit to anything. They say they’re committed to their marriage…as long as their spouse treats them the way they want. They’re committed to church…until something better comes along.

James 1:6–8 calls this kind of person double-minded, saying they’re unstable like a wave tossed by the wind. They’re not all-in for a cause.

An entrepreneur launching a business knows there’s no such thing as “trying it out.” If that entrepreneur wants to make it through the challenges ahead, he or she has to be fully committed.

Noah was all-in. Even though there were no signs of a coming flood, he trusted God and spent years building an ark that saved his family. In a similar way, we need to build an ark for the next generation. If we’re not all-in for what we believe, the next generation won’t be either. Why? Because people are attracted to passion. When we’re all-in, following Jesus, our commitment is a powerfully attractive force to those around us.

Be that person who fights to stay in faith, no matter the cost. The world’s belief systems may try to get you to compromise or be wishy-washy about your faith. You won’t make it through the onslaught of misbeliefs out there unless you make the decision to be all-in.

We can walk in love and respect others regardless of their views and still be sold out for the cause of Christ. Let’s get up and live with passion! As we do, we’ll pass on this passionate faith to the next generation and leave a legacy through our love.